Fantastic job Mr. Persson, you have closed a gap that existed for much too long! You have done a superb job!

Joachim Boehm
Faculty of Health and Science
University of Cumbria


I can undoubtedly say that you have done an outstanding job. Working in Harvesting Teams is an extraordinary book, written in a very clear language, with a remarkably practical approach, accessible to everyone, excellent illustrations, extremely attractive to the reader. (I can say this, although English is not my native language.) Such a unique bibliographic resource will be very useful for educational and training purposes. Indeed, I would be glad to use it in the Timber Harvesting courses I teach at the oldest forestry school in Argentina.

Prof. Carlos Turc, Ph.D.
Facultad de Ciencias Forestales Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero


The books are fantastic, and despite the fact that I am not totally familiar with the English language and this topic, I do understand most of the content.

Ewa Chmielowska


Thank you again for the two wonderful books. They are greatly appreciated and currently make their round in our teacher’s room.

Alan E. Kocher
Managing Director and Principal
Forestry Training Centre


After receiving insight in the content of both books, we have realized that the author has succeeded in a very instructive and also well-illustrated way to convey what is important in each stage of the production chain. Therefore, at Moelven Skog AB we have decided to equip all the people involved in the organization, from harvesting planning until the timber is piled at the roadside, with this literature. This contributes to our goal, comprising that wherever a person operates in the production chain, he must know how to do things in the best way, but also how it affects the next stage and also our environment.

Our most important task is to meet the need of timber of our industry. To succeed, we must be able to offer competitive prices on high quality services to the forest owners. The books provide a common platform for this.

Carl-Axel Östensson
Regional Manager
Moelven Skog AB


Dear Colleague,
I am very pleased to learn about the new publication of the books Working in Harvesting Teams. Thank you for the opportunity to work with this special tool. Particularly the contents of chapters 9, 10 and 12 are flexible for being used in our conditions so that the quality and skills of the operators of logging and hauling machines are at the required level. I hope we can avoid some unnecessary damage to land and forest soils. Many thanks for your cooperation.
Yours sincerely

Prof. Ing. Radomir Ulrich
Forestry and Wood Technology
Czech Republic



Thank you for the magnificent book that you sent to me about forest, “Working in harvesting teams”. It is so well done and should be red by everybody working with the machines. Of course the pity is that the French people – who really need to learn the work more rationally – can not English. Otherwise your book could replace some of our teachers…

Tiina Kustula
TKForest Sarl


I am so impressed with the clarity and the presentation… Fantastic book!

Peter Bottoms
Esgair Forest
Pantperthog, Machynlleth, Wales UK


The book has very good information, is insightful, and easy to read, with many pictures to illustrate your points.

Gabe Russo
Southwind Forestry, LLC
Pawlet, USA


The books provide an extremely clear view of what is the most important elements of an efficient production chain – safety – quality – efficiency. This is illustrated in a brilliant way with clear examples of practical use and with a simple and pedagogical language in both the Swedish and English version. The material is enough detailed to give even the most experienced operators “eye-opener”. It should therefore be counted as the most comprehensive and complete training material produced to this date. The books should be read by anyone who works with wood or wood fuel production.

There are often simple solutions to big problems. These solutions can be found in the books!

Tomas Johannesson


Stora Enso Bioenergi AB focuses intensely on improving the quality of wood chips delivered to our customers. Brown, dry and a minimum of needles are our keywords. The book “Green energy from the forest” is perfect when training our own employees. Especially appreciated are the many illustrative images. For new contractors the book is perfect, but even the most experienced operators appreciate the book. Comment from one of our best contractors: The one who wrote the book knows what he’s talking about!

Tommy Bloom


Great book! Really good practical stuff with plenty of useful explanations of methods and handy tips. A good reference for foresters and machine operators involved in harvesting and production forestry. It is well written with plenty of pictures, graphics and illustrations which enhance the communication of the content immeasurably. I like the fact that it is not a heavy academic text which makes it accessible to a wide audience. I think it really fills a educational and applied knowledge gap, particularly in Australia.

Damian Walsh
Research Fellow, University of Tasmania
CRC for Forestry Program 3 – Harvesting & Operations
Melbourne, Australia


This comprehensive publication by Per-Erik Persson should be on the bookshelf of all harvesting foresters and contractors using CTL systems.

Logging-on, newsletter in South Africa


The author displays a profound understanding of mechanised forest harvesting and a high ability to communicate key elements to the reader. The design, layout, language, and use of graphics and photographs combine to make this publication one of the best modern textbooks of its kind, and certainly the best to come to the attention of participants in this project. It will undoubtedly be embraced by teachers and students alike, and is likely to be used not just in Europe but beyond. It should be the benchmark against which all forestry education and training textbooks are measured.

This textbook is considered the most significant contribution to this important area of forestry training in recent times. In strongly recommending it, we want to thank Per-Erik Persson sincerely for his contribution to the ForECVET project.

Dr Albinas Tebera, Kaunas College of Forestry and Environmental Engineering, Lithuania
Principal Ilze Brante, Ogres Valsts Tehnikums, Latvia
George O´Malley, BELTRA Resources, Ireland
Juhani Vouri, AM resources Oy, Finland
Håkan Hulebo, Stora Segerstad och Värnamo naturbruksgymnasium, Sweden


The energy issues have been becoming very important for Japan. The book must give me new valuable and practical knowledge of harvesting machinery methods. The photos are excellent to explain the green energy to my student at my classes.

Professor Noriko Sato, Ph.D of Agriculture
Lab. of Forest Policy, Dep. of Agro-environmental Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University, Japan


High-quality energy chip production from forest residues

Over more than 30 years, Swedish forestry has developed expertise that includes methods to produce, cost effectively, an additional assortment, “GROT”, from forest residues that were previously left behind on the harvesting site.

High-quality energy chips can be produced from “GROT”, but it must be handled in the right way.

At last, publication of the book “Green Energy from the Forest” provides a manual that describes the production of GROT, from every angle, outstandingly clearly and simply.

I strongly recommend this book to people planning GROT harvests in places where it has previously been left behind, and in organizations with not much experience of handling it.

Ola Galfvensjö
Mgr. Mobile Chippers, Bruks AB


The working environment and safety are key issues in all practical education related to forestry production, and any courses involving practical handling of forestry machinery and equipment. In addition I believe that a good work environment is critical for survival, not only for the individual forest worker/machine operator, but for the whole forest industry.

Without an attractive work environment forestry will not be able to attract and retain skilled labor to maintain competitiveness. A good work environment is thus essential for efficient, profitable and sustainable forestry.

In “Working in Harvesting Teams” Per-Erik Persson highlights, excellently, the diverse factors that create a good working environment, and the responsibilities of all involved.

Håkan Hulebo
Development Manager /School Administration Expert on Forests (‘GY11” National Agency)


Hello, I got the package today. Cheers! You deserve great thanks for producing good educational material, I have been driving forest machines for about 27 years, and I had the pleasure to discover the books from a colleague …you have done a tremendous job.

I think your idea of producing an audio book was absolutely brilliant, while I am working, driving the harvester, I can listen to it. For years I have asked for such a possibility
Best regards

Torgeir, Stuttkjukken, Østreng


The material about handling Biomass (GROT) is obviously of high class: This is a result of the most experienced being involved in producing it!
Stefan Lindgren
Forestry machines instructor, Örebro


I feel the classic expression “At last!” fits well for the moment I got these long-awaited books: This was exactly what practical forestry needed.
Best regards

Kjell Brorsson


As a forest owner and buyer of harvesting services the books provide knowledge of how the work should be done safely, environmentally correctly and effectively, which is valuable when choosing harvesting services or when selling standing timber.

I can set demands on how work will be performed and, moreover, check the work done.

Christian Dahlqvist
Sundhult (Forrest owner)


‘… therefore the industry as a whole cannot afford either to lose or ignore what we already know and accept as general knowledge because of a lack of personal commitment. These books fill an important need as mediators of existing knowledge and practice. Further, it is important to be able to relate one’s perceptions and activities to a greater reality, both as a youth learning a craft and in further career development. This can be greatly assisted by these books. I hope that the books will be used for their intended purpose, and that both their content and layout are updated in line with future needs. ”

Thomas Ulvcrona, MSc and PhD
Thomas has an exemplary record as both a university lecturer, working at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and an active forest science researcher.


Me and my colleagues  with knowledge of the subject are becoming more and more impressed with the books’ content the more deeply we go into them. You should have all the credit for fantastically well done work!
Naturbruksgymnasiet Svenljunga


My colleagues and I consider that these books are the best published in a long time. Very good images and explanatory text, moreover, they demonstrate modern thought covering efficient methods for harvesting and forwarding.
Ösby Naturbruksgymnasium


”… yes the books are great. I have worked in the profession for many years but there are many useful tips even for one who is experienced. I hope that the books will be used in the forestry schools, in this country too. The books contain all the little tips that you forget to tell inexperienced drivers before it’s too late. This material is greatly needed.
Best regards
Morten Hagbartsen